Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steve in Duluth

Well, okay, these pictures are probably not the best ever taken of Steve Earle, but considering we weren't even supposed to be using flash cameras, they came out pretty good. I stopped taking them after this really big Security guy came around, and I am really sorry if I blinded Steve even for a minute, but I had to get the could I ever live with myself if I never saw him again??? So, thanks, Steve, for understanding...

Steve and Allison in Duluth, July 19

Okay, now how far would you drive to see the singer you have loved for over 20 years...I reckon folks have driven long ways for that. July 19 a friend and I drove a 340 mile round trip to see Steve and Allison in Duluth, MN. If possible, that show as better than the one in Minneapolis in March...and that one was incredible..They were at St. Scholastica College's Mitchell Auditorium, the sound was incredible and we were lucky enough to have gotten front row center seats.
I have a feeling a lot of the folks there were season ticket holders to the College's concert/play programs. They were quiet, very polite and there wasn't much hoopin' and hollerin'....but I kept the front row noticed. It's kinda hard to act like that when you are 10 feet from the singer, but I can't help it. Steve's music is magic to me and I really can't stay in my seat.
I am in my tenth month of sobriety now, ten months have passed with one Vicodin or one drop of tequila. So far, I would say there hasn't been one day of pure peace, some days are not as bad as others, some are worse than most. I hear it takes a year and a half to get back to "normal" but I am not even sure what that would be at this point.
So, I follow Steve and his music around as much as I can. He sang a lot of the old favorites, the ones that, I confess, still bring me the most comfort, remind me most of the good times in Texas when I was younger and things really seemed possible.
We didn't get to see him after the show, granted, I did plead with the feller at the tour bus to let us have just one minute....but, no deal...I can't imagine what it's like to have people want you to sign your name to something, that kind of appreciation and love. I feel like a groupie definitely at times like that....
If I were able to speak with him at any real length, I would tell him "thank you for sharing your gifts and helping those of us who struggle with their own demons to make it through another day."
Steve and Allison are coming back to Minneapolis on September 1 for a Labor Day rally..ha, the same day the Republicans get together to discuss whatever Republicans discuss! I'm sure that day was not chose at random!
I will be there.....early....maybe I can say hello and thanks then.
God bless Steve Earle..