Friday, December 12, 2008

Trying that again

well, i have been off a long time, can't seem to get my pictures to brain has been frozen due to the temps of the last few days, the highest a blistering 14....sigh....

Just some pictures to warm the winter...

The Dead Season Arrives

December 12,

I guess it's been awhile since I last
wrote...the dead season, as i fondly
call it, has rolled into Minnesota.
now, we won't see or talk to
anyone for the next 5 months...that is kind of an
of. people hole up here like chipmunks in the winter,
you see them
leaving home in the mornings and coming back at night and rarely,
if ever,
does anyone really speak to you. it is one of the most
and isolating, places to live, especially for a girl from Texas who
loves to talk....the loneliness can sometimes get you down. it's the
worst time of the year for me to stay clean and not drink or use. And,
that...I have 15 months clean. the longest I've been sober in
well....nearly 20 years....

the very sad thing is that Steve Earle is
probably not going to come back
this way for some
. It's hard to live with that
knowledge. YouTube is
great, the Cd's
are great...but, right now I could use some
revved up powerful live

you come back